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onceupona_hp's Journal

Once Upon a Time in Hogwarts..
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One You must join us. Fill out the application completely (unfinish apps will be immediately discarded) at onceupona_apps. You must also fill it out sans-Sueage and in the most proper grammar possible. Do not make a character journal until you've been accepted - to do so would make it hard should your character not be approved. Once approved, you are to join every community within three days of acceptance, lest you be immediately rejected.

Two Stay in canon/character. If you are a pureblood who hasn't been saturated in the Muggle World, you will not know Muggle things. Likewise, someone who has been raised Muggle will not be privvy to the workings of the Wizard world. If it has not been seen in Potterverse, it does not exist. Few exceptions will be made.

Three This roleplay is NOT RATED. Or, at best, should you feel the need to put something with it, it's R. People will die. Blood will be shed. The 7th years will get it on. But be reasonable about it. Keep it to a minimum, but by all means.. don't feel the need to hide it or avoid it. Just make sure it's marked for content (ie, given a tag that says it's adult rating).

Four Make your character worth it. No Mary Sues/Gary Stus. No obvious rip-offs of a canon Potterverse character. No breeds of human-like things that do not exist. Also, if your character exists currently in another rp, please be original and make a new one. You have the option of transferring the character to us, though. If you make a character that does nothing to add to the storyline, it will be removed. So, make your character worth our time.

Five Dedicate some time. You're expected to participate in at least one thread a week. And not just a thread of one or two comments, but a good thread where you start and end. You must also update your character journal at least once a week.

Six Be In-Character. If you write your character to be shy, be shy. If you write your character to be 15, do not make him/her do things that are not age appropriate. Use logic; play wisely.

Seven PBs, aka Player Bodies, must be age appropriate. No using, say, Cameron Diaz to play a first year. Also, it is frowned upon to use the most beautiful/handsome people you can muster to serve as a PB. Hogwarts is not a beauty show - some people just won't look that nice.

Eight Posts are to be written in third person, story-form style. This means that instead of saying "*walks into the store* Hey guys!", you would need to say "Cordelia walked into the store - eyes were low to the ground, cheeks slightly blushed. She was the kind who got flustered by the tiniest things, and the way that store clerk looked at her did that immediately. "Hey.." she murmured." This is not optional. Doing otherwise takes away from the flow of the threads and comments.

Nine In the end, the mods are god. What we say goes. If we say you're being OOC with your character, that's what you are. If we say something is canon, it is. Listen to us, or leave the game. Also, we run off of a Zero Tolerance policy. No need to give you a warning -- can if we want, but doesn't mean we will.

Special Events/Promotions/Things Designed by Mods to Drive You Crazy
**COMING SOON** 'Oh, Shit!' of the Week


Past Storyline - 1

For questions, concerns, etc, please contact Meli.
Email: rockinrollagrrl@yahoo.com
AIM: Mohawkalahka
MSN: loveforshigure@hotmail.com

Remember, you must join all communities!
onceupona_apps: New Character Application Submission/Log of all Approved Apps.
onceupona_ooc: All Out of Character Discussion, Fangirling, Plotting, etc.
ouat_dailyproph: Daily Prophet, used for updates on Plot and Storyline.
ouat_ministry: Used to post any concerns to be brought to the Mods.
onceupona_hp: Main community, area for roleplay at Hogwarts.
onceupona_uk: Area for Roleplay for characters not at Hogwarts.
onceupona_mm: Area for Roleplay for happenings at the Ministry of Magic.

weemumlessmngrl, Melinda - General Head of Everything That's Shakin'
katherynne, Kat - Mistress of Applications, Characterizations, et al.

We are always looking for new affiliates! Contact weemumlessmngrl if you'd like to partner up!
hp_house_pride - A fellow HP Role Play