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This community is currently CLOSED for repair, rebuild, and general realignment. :)

Please keep your eyes peeled since I can't keep us closed for long!
I had extended last week since we had some new people join late in the game, but hey.. here we go!

It All Goes Down
Sunday, Jan. 10rd 1982 - Saturday, Jan. 16th
Locations: Hogwarts, Outer Areas

And now for our plot set.. *drumrolls*

Something felt funny, indeed.Collapse )

Now this thread is open to both Professors and Students.. it's not too late at night, and curfew had been called off.. and you know how in the stories, a mass of students appear, like, everywhere. XD SO MASS UP, K?
Date/Time: Tuesday Jan 5th, break
Location: Great Hall
Open To: Anyone!
Currently Involving: Lou and Illi

(Note: Yes, I threaded with myself. You may all come in and poke me and giggle and say, "NERD!", although I would prefer it if you picked one or the other of my characters to thread with. Either or- whichever you feel more pity for xDDD)

Helena, don't walk away...Collapse )
Updated StorylineCollapse )
Date/Time: Tuesday Jan 5th, evening
Location: Ravenclaw Common Room
Open To: Patrick, other Ravenclaws
Currently Involving: Kaia

Tears for a Second YearCollapse )
Date/Time: Tuesday Jan 5th, afternoon
Location: Piano Room
Open To: Danny, anyone else passing by
Currently Involving: Remy, Danny, Kaia

It had been twenty minutes, but he supposed Danny simply wasn't out of classes yet.Collapse )
Date/Time: Monday, Jan. 4/ Evening after Dinner
Location: Ravenclaw Common Room
Open To: Any Ravenclaw
Currently Involving: Kaia

Let the Studying Begin...Collapse )
Date/Time: Monday, Jan 4th; Morning, after Breakfast
Location: Corridor to Library
Open to: Any
Involving: Adelle, Tony

Such a lovely day...Collapse )
Thank you so much for your patience during this brief hiatus. All systems are a go, things are ready to roll. So why wait any longer? Have fun. :)

Paradise Lost
Sunday, Jan. 3rd 1982 - Saturday, Jan. 9th
Locations: Hogwarts, Outer Areas

Opening Post - Plot layerCollapse )

And with that said, obviously Hogwarts will be without a few of our Player Characters. Worry not - they'll be back. But for now, we've got two more places for them to play: onceupona_mm for the Ministry of Magic, and onceupona_uk for anything else happening in the United Kingdom.

Okay, so we've been all but AWOL lately, and I really apologise to all of you for it. With the launch of the rpg we're running at HogwartsisHome, this place has been abandoned without us really meaning to do that.

So, we're now announcing a very, very brief hiatus. Today through Sunday of next week, we'll be closed for revamping. We want to clean out inactive characters, polish the place up a bit, and do some very much needed catching-up on many different levels of the website.

What I need is for all of you who are still playing here to comment to this post. If you don't, your characters will be removed. Also, in the few days you've got without the game being on, you've got some stories to do on your own. We're basically saying that nothing eventful happens till after Christmas. Next week, the game will pick up in January, where things will start happening again. So if anything happens with your characters, feel free to outline these developments in your character journals.

See you next week. :)